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Thursday, April 26, 2018


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Weissman Center for International Business

International Business Seminar:

Professor Ruth Aguilera, Northeastern University
Antitakeover Provisions and CSR

Thursday, May 3, 12:30pm,

Weissman Center 108 East 26th street, 8th floor
Lunch will be served

From: Professor Lilac Nachum, Department of Marketing and International Business

Seminar paper abstract:

Building on the comparative capitalism literature and the notion of institutional complementarities, we examine whether firms’ adoption of antitakeover provisions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reinforce or undercut one another by mutually influencing firm performance. We propose that the direction and magnitude of such interactions are contingent on the country’s institutional configuration. In Liberal Market Economies, where firms face strong pressures to achieve short-term goals, the increased insider control provided by antitakeover provisions allows for longer-term orientations in decision making that foster firms’ engagement in profitable CSR projects. On the contrary, in Coordinated Market Economies, where national institutions already curb short-term demands, the combination of antitakeover provisions and CSR activities benefits insiders privately at a cost of reduced firm performance. Overall, our theory and findings enhance our understanding of the institutional complementarity between corporate governance and CSR.

Speaker Bio:

Professor Aguilera's research interests lie at the intersection of international business, economic sociology, and organization studies. Her core areas of research are comparative corporate governance, corporate sustainability, and firm internationalization processes. In most of her work, Professor Aguilera relies on comparative research methods to conduct systematic analyses of economic organizations across countries, and most recently, she pays particular attention to the role that ownership plays in influencing governance practices and stakeholder relationships. Her main scholarly contribution is the development of theories of comparative corporate governance and the empirical applications and extensions of these frameworks.

She has taught across a variety of programs as well as at multiple levels: undergraduate, MBA, Masters in Human Resource Management, Law School, PhD, Executive MBA, and in in-company executive programs in different teaching venues throughout the world. She has also been recognized for teaching excellence in multiple occasions. For additional information about the speaker visit

If you wish to meet the speaker in person before or after the seminar, please contact Professor Nachum at and specify your time preferences.

I hope to have as many of you attending the seminar and look forward to a stimulating engagement.

Interested to learn more about our series? Please enroll on our Blackboard site:

We encourage faculty with interest in our series to visit out dedicated area on Blackboard and enroll themselves to cite. This provides full access to past and future seminars’ material and to e-mail updates about forthcoming seminars.

If you are interested login in to Blackboard, and go through the following steps:

  • Scroll down in the box on the left side of the screen (under CUNYfirstMyInfo)
  • Under ‘organization search’ type ‘international business’ and click go
  • The IB seminar series appears as ‘Weissman Center international business research program’.
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Lilac Nachum

Professor, International Business

Executive Educator/Consultant