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Message Archive

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

For an archive of announcements sent from the Associate Provost beginning June 2011, click here.


From: Angie Mendez and Nicole VonGonten, The Baruch College Bookstore

Dear Faculty,
We hope you are enjoying your summer so far. This is just another reminder to please place your Fall and Summer book orders as soon as possible. We ask that you please place all of your orders through CUNY First. Providing a listing of the textbooks as soon as possible is vital because it allows more time for acquiring used textbooks and allows other options to become available to students, like the ebook version. If you have any questions or concerns about CUNY First or books that you would like to use for the Fall semester, please do not hesitate to call or email us at the bookstore. We are here to help in the process in any way that we can. 

[Note to Faculty: this email relates to books for your students to purchase; book chapters and journal articles should be posted on Ereserve and/or Blackboard.]

We have attached links explaining the process of how to place orders through CUNYFirst.


ยท      View Textbook Summary:

Thank you, 
Angie Mendez and Nicole VonGonten
Baruch College Bookstore
Barnes and Noble ;