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Friday, March 18, 2016


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

For an archive of announcements sent from the Associate Provost beginning June 2011, click here.


From: Prof. Kannan Mohan, Department of S/CIS and Interim Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning

Dear Colleagues,

kannanTwo years ago, I participated in my first Center for Teaching and Learning Hybrid Seminar. As I started exploring the possibility of hybridizing my course on Sustainability and IT (CIS 3700), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would a hybrid model work for this course? Would students feel as engaged as they are in my face-to-face classes? How would this course change my role as an instructor? 

Now, as the current interim Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning and a faculty member in Zicklin’s Computer Information Systems department, I’ve started answering some of these questions. The model not only worked, but it helped me rethink my approach to experiential learning. The model opened opportunities to create exciting and exploratory work that students could complete outside of the class. My colleagues and my fellow seminar participants across the disciplines helped to reshape my ideas about what is possible and what is effective.

To me, this is one of the major purposes for the Center for Teaching and Learning. Through workshops, consultations, and seminars, the CTL facilitates the development and adaptation of various teaching and learning models to strengthen pedagogy across disciplines. The CTL is the connective tissue that brings colleagues from across various disciplines to engage in rethinking teaching and learning practices. 

Some examples of CTL’s collaboration with faculty and other academic service units include:

  • Workshops on developing online/hybrid course models bringing together faculty from various disciplines
  • Individual consultations on syllabus and assignment design
  • Workshops on technology-enabled courses (using Blogs@Baruch and VOCAT)
  • Individual consultations on aligning technology with teaching and learning needs

In this first edition of our newsletter, you’ll find some more information about reasons you might want to visit the center along with a short introduction to our CTL Hybrid Seminar for faculty who are interested in developing hybrid and fully online courses.

We hope you’ll stop by to see us soon!



Kannan Mohan   


Top 5 Reasons to Visit the CTL:

 What is the Center for Teaching and Learning, and what do we do for you? Here are five reasons to make an appointment or to drop by our office (behind the Subotnick Center in room H123 in the library building.)


CTL11. You’re curious about teaching an online or hybrid course (or you already do!)

Once a year, we offer a hybrid seminar for faculty who are interested in remixing an old course (or developing a new course) into an online or hybrid format. But you can come talk to us about your class even if you’re not in the seminar. If you’re an online or hybrid instructor (or if you aspire to be one), we can connect you to the resources to get started.


2. You’re interested in trying out some new pedagogical techniques

You’ve read about “active learning” or “experiential learning,” and you want to make it happen in your own class. Our interdisciplinary team can help you to reimagine a lesson, an assignment, a syllabus, or a course using cutting-edge pedagogical methods.


3. You’re reimagining your course

Whether it’s the first or the hundredth time that you’re teaching a class, the CTL offers personalized, one-on-one consultations to help you reimagine your course. We can also connect you to helpful Baruch-specific resources.  


4. You want to learn more about educational technology

At the CTL, we love technology. On any given day, you can catch us trying out new platforms, gadgets, and tools that help to facilitate learning and teaching. If you have a project idea and want to explore new tools, we are here to provide you with resources that connect tech tools with good pedagogy.


5. You’d like to collaborate with faculty across the disciplines

The CTL connects faculty in different departments to help facilitate holistic, interdisciplinary learning experiences for students. We learn about innovative practices from various Baruch faculty members and help translate practices that work from one discipline to others.


Dispatches from the Hybrid Seminar

CTL2Each semester, the Center for Teaching and Learning brings together faculty from across the disciplines at Baruch in a seminar designed to help them transition a face-to-face course to a hybrid or fully online format. This spring, 14 faculty members join us from Psychology, Management, English, History, Communication Studies, and Marketing to discuss technological platform choice, setting and meeting learning goals, (re)designing assignments and syllabi, issues of accessibility, using technological tools, and much more.


Do you currently teach a hybrid or online class? Or are you interested in participating in a future hybrid seminar? Contact Kannan Mohan at or (646) 312 2069.

Visit us at