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Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Friday, September 9, 2011


From:  James McCarthy, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


Article 28 of the PSC-CUNY contract provides a sum of money “for use by members of the bargaining unit for attendance at professional meetings and conferences . . . The allocation of funds at each college shall be made by the appropriate college official or college committees.”


In recent years, Article 28 travel funds have constituted only a small proportion of the total travel supported by the College, which has used a variety of tax-levy and non-tax-levy funds to support faculty and professional staff travel.  Last year, because of cuts in both the tax-levy and Baruch College Fund budgets, Article 28 travel funds constituted a greater share of the total travel support that had been the case in previous years.


In the interest of greater transparency, and to insure that all eligible faculty and staff are aware of the availability of Article 28 travel support, this year the College will follow different procedures for allocating this support.  Faculty and professional staff interested in receiving support for professional travel are invited to submit short proposals (no more than one paragraph) requesting such support.  The proposal, in a few sentences, should identify the meeting or conference; the role that the faculty member or staff will play at the conference (e.g  presenting a paper, participating in a panel discussion); and an estimate of the total costs associated with the meeting or conference.


Faculty and professional staff are asked to submit these short proposals to the Provosts’ Office: by September 30 for the Fall semester and by February 1 for the Spring semester. Proposals may be submitted in hard copy (Office of the Provost, Box D-701) or by email attachment (

Proposals will be reviewed by the College’s Academic Council (which consists of the Provosts, the Deans, and the Vice President for Student Affairs), and decisions will be announced within two weeks of each deadline.


Because funds available for Article 28 travel are very limited (we estimate that a total of no more than $35,000 will be available each semester to the entire College), it is highly likely that awards will cover only part of the costs of attending a meeting or conference.


All interested faculty and professional staff are urged to consider this opportunity and to submit applications for support.


Because the College’s tax-levy budget picture is somewhat brighter this year, as  President Wallerstein described in his recent budget message to the College, academic units may well have additional travel funds available for faculty travel this year.  Faculty members are urged to contact their chairs and/or deans to inquire about possible additional travel support.