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Friday, April 25, 2014


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U.S. Economic Mobilization in World War II

Thursday, May 1, NVC 12-150, 12:45-2:15



Michael Carew (Baruch College)

Bob Batchelor (Thiel College)

Thomas Heinrich (Baruch College)


The Second World War witnessed the largest defense production effort in history as the United States mobilized its enormous economic resources on behalf of the Allied war effort. American industry supplied not only the U.S. Army, Army Air Forces, and the Navy, but also produced large numbers of aircraft, tanks, naval vessels, and other military hardware for the British armed forces.

In addition to exploring the broad outlines of economic mobilization, this year’s Friedman Symposium presents two case studies of major defense industries that played a decisive role in winning the war. Professor Michael Carew, Baruch College, will provide an overview of defense conversion in the mass-production industries. Professor Bob Batchelor, Thiel College, Pennsylvania, will examine industry-government collaboration in the development of synthetic rubber. Professor Thomas Heinrich, Baruch College, will discuss the role of government-owned and operated shipyards in the construction of warships that fought a two-ocean naval war. The presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion of current trends in studies of the American war economy. Audience participation is encouraged. 

For more information, contact the History Department at 646-312-4310.