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Monday, November 28, 2016


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

For an archive of announcements sent from the Associate Provost beginning June 2011, click here.


The Presidential Excellence Awards Committee seeks nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Distinguished Teaching, and Distinguished Service. All full-time faculty members who have been at Baruch for at least four years, with the exception of Distinguished Professors, are eligible for these awards. Adjunct members of the faculty who have taught for a total of six semesters or more at Baruch are eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award (Adjunct Faculty). Faculty who have received Presidential Awards become eligible for another award in the same category after seven years.

Letters of nomination are welcome from any source within the Baruch Community, including departmental executive committees, deans, chairpersons, colleagues, staff members, and students. We also invite self-nominations and nominations from Baruch alumni. 

For the scholarship award, the letters of nomination should indicate the significance of the candidate's scholarship to her or his field. For the teaching award, the nomination should describe the outstanding work in instruction. For the service award, the nomination should include a description of the outstanding service. Nominees will be contacted for the supporting materials needed by the Awards Committee. When nominating faculty for these awards, please use the following categories to assist in elaborating on the characteristics of the nominee: innovation, impact, and engagement.

To make a nomination, click on Presidential Excellence Awards Nomination Form   OR   send your nominations to the Provost’s Office: Attn: Presidential Excellence Awards Committee, Box B4-230


The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 17, 2017, 12:00 PM. Nominations will NOT be accepted after this date.  

Established and maintained by grants from the Baruch College Fund, the Presidential Excellence Awards are given to faculty members to stimulate and reward outstanding achievement and to enhance the College as a center of excellence. The Awards are made by the President, acting on the recommendation of the Awards Committee. The recipient receives an honorarium and a certificate, and the names of all recipients are inscribed on a plaque, which is prominently displayed.


The Distinguished Scholarship Award encompasses three categories:

Written Scholarship recognizes full-time members of the faculty who have published a book, monograph, article, or series of articles of scholarly distinction in the past two years;

Creative Work recognizes full-time members of the faculty who have had a distinguished achievement in the fine or performing arts during the past two years;

Long-Term Career Achievements recognizes full-time members of the faculty whose scholarship in the past 10 to 15 years constitutes an exceptional contribution to their field.

Nominations for the Distinguished Scholarship Award may be made electronically or by paper.


The Distinguished Teaching Award (full-time faculty) and The Distinguished Teaching Award (adjunct faculty) recognize members of the full-time and adjunct faculties whose outstanding pedagogical ability, commitment to teaching, and achievements in teaching are making a positive impact on the quality of instruction and student life at the College. Submissions of materials for the Teaching awards will be accepted in electronic form only. (Nominations may be made electronically or by paper.)


The Distinguished Service Award recognizes full-time faculty whose service distinct from teaching and scholarship is improving the quality of the Baruch community through leadership in developing new directions for College activity, in developing resources for the College, and/or in connecting the College to relevant external communities. Submissions of materials for the Service awards will be accepted in electronic form only. (Nominations may be made electronically or by paper.)


Questions?  Please email any questions regarding the Presidential Excellence Awards to