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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch faculty.


It is very important that students be reminded in each of their classes of the College's commitment to ensuring full access to its programs for all students.


Please convey this message early in the semester. This memo includes general information for members of the faculty and a sample script that you may read aloud. Additionally, we are providing a brief statement that you might wish to put on your syllabus or on your BlackBoard site. (You can find this memo and both texts in the on-line Faculty Handbook:


General Information for Faculty Members

It is the policy of Baruch College to provide auxiliary aids and services and to make appropriate academic accommodations needed by students with disabilities without compromising the content of courses or academic standards. The student must provide documentation of disability to the Director of Disability Services who will determine whether or not the student has a disability and what accommodations are appropriate and reasonable. This is conveyed in a form memo the student gives you. If the student informs you that he/she has a disability and has not been to Disability Services, please refer the student to Disability Services. Providing accommodations is usually simple. A few examples of such possible academic accommodations are extended or divided time for taking an examination, as might be required for a student who has a learning disability or for whom physical stamina is reduced (for example, because of chemotherapy, AIDS, or other illnesses); use of a computer or other auxiliary aid during an examination; taping of classes; provision of note takers; facing the class when there is a student who is hard of hearing. It is best if the professor or the department provides the accommodations. However, there will be times – such as when the student needs assistive technology -- when the professor will need the assistance of Disability Services to administer the examination.


Faculty who have questions about access, accommodations, auxiliary aids and services should consult with call Ms. Barbara Sirois, Director of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, Newman Vertical Campus 2-271, (646) 312-4590. 


In case problems arise, you might need to advise a student who wishes to file a complaint of failure to make reasonable accommodations to contact Carmen Pedrogo, the College Affirmative Action Officer (646-312-4542). Any student who believes that he or she has been discriminated against based on a disability may file a complaint with Ms. Pedrogo.


Script for Announcement in Class:

At Baruch, we provide reasonable accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities. We strive to ensure that no student with a disability is discriminated against and that none is denied participation in College programs and activities for lack of auxiliary aids or other accommodations. Some people think that a disability has to be visible to be accommodated. This is not the case. There are many disabilities – diabetes, psychological illness, learning disabilities, AIDS, seizure disorders, arthritis, etc., which require accommodations. Examples of accommodations are more time for examinations for students with learning disabilities or illness, which reduce stamina or for students who take medication, which reduces processing speed; adaptive equipment for students with a variety of disabilities; taping of classes.


It is best to speak with me as soon as possible so that you will have full access as quickly as possible. I am available to discuss these matters confidentially with any of you before or after this class or during my office hours, which are indicated on the syllabus. If any of you are unsure about your situation, please consult with the staff at the Office of Disability Services, Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-271, or by phone at (646) 312-4590.  The Office provides confidentiality pursuant to federal law. 


Possible text for Syllabus or BlackBoard Site:

Students with disabilities may receive assistance and accommodation of various sorts to enable them to participate fully in courses at Baruch. To establish the accommodations appropriate for each student, please alert your instructor to your needs and contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, part of the Division of Student Development and Counseling. For more information, contact Ms. Barbara Sirois, Director of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, in the Newman Vertical Campus 2‑271 or at (646) 312‑4590. 


For additional information: