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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Please ignore if you did not teach in Summer II or III.


From: Edward D. Adams, Senior Registrar

Dear Summer II and III 2013 Faculty,

WebGrade will be available for Summer II and III 2013 grade submission from 12:01am August 15, 2013 through 11:59pm August 25, 2013.

 WebGrade is Baruch’s on-line grading system that allows you to submit final grades on-line from on or off-campus. Once the grades have been submitted, students are notified of their grades via e-mail and grades are loaded to the Student Information system (SIMS/BOSS).


After WebGrade is closed, all students with ungraded courses will be awarded a “Z” grade, directing student inquiries to the faculty member.


Late grade submissions will be accepted only on the print screen of


eRoster (printed out, signed, and dated) to ensure accuracy of names and prior grades awarded.



Failure to enter your grades on time will cause great inconvenience to the students as well as to you (you will need to manually submit your grades to the Registrar’s Office).

  • We need to have these grades in order to confer Summer 2013 degrees.
  • Graduate students and undergraduate students on probation may not register for the Fall 2013 semester until their Summer grades have been entered and reviewed.
  • Some of your courses are pre-requisites for fall courses.
  • Students depend on their company tuition re-imbursement plan to meet their tuition payment obligation to the college.


Use of Grading Policy

Please enter grades according to the grading policy for your course. The Grading Index Policy is available with a click of the mouse on your web roster.  Please do not assign “P” grades for students who tell you that they are taking a class pass/fail: assign the letter grade they deserve and the system will automatically apply the P if the grade is A-D.


WebGrade Changes for Summer 2013 – Instructor SSN is No Longer Used for Authentication

For the Summer 2013 grading period, a couple of changes have been made to the WebGrade service to improve its security. None of these changes should have significant impact on your use of the service, but it may be helpful to you to be aware of them before you begin your grading. The most visible change is setting your course section password.

  • Instructor’s Authentication to Set Course Section Password - To set a course section password the system will now require you to use your  Baruch’s Network username and password credentials (the same credentials used for network login, email and wireless), in place of the previous requirement (instructor’s last name and last 6-digits of SSN).
  • Course Section Password Format Requirement - Another change is that course section passwords have a new format requiring 8-15 characters, at least one uppercase letter, at least one numeric character, and at least one special character ~ ` ! @ # $ ^ - _ | : < , >.
  • Pre-Population of Instructor’s Email Address and Notification – When an instructor sets their course section password their Baruch email address will be registered and they will receive an email notification that the password has been set. The registered email will also be used for sending of the grade roster receipt upon submission.


The WebGrade service, as well as updated instructions, can be accessed at


Should you encounter technical problems while using the WebGrade system, please contact the Computing and Technology Help Desk at 646-312-1010.


Questions regarding grading policies should be directed to Beverley King at the Registrar’s office: 646-312-1195 or to me at the number below.


Thank you.


Edward D. Adams

Senior Registrar