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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

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Weissman Center for International Business

International Business Seminar:

Professor Anthony Goerzen, Queen’s University Canada
“Global Cities Culture”

Thursday, April 19, 12:30pm,

Weissman Center, 137 E, 25 street, 8th floor (conference room)
Lunch will be served

From: Professor Lilac Nachum, Department of Marketing and International Business

Seminar paper abstract:

There is a rising sense amongst scholars that our understanding of culture lacks nuance particularly in the context of differences across geographic space. More specifically, international business scholars have viewed culture most often as being homogeneous within national boundaries yet there is a growing realization that this conceptualization misses as much as it reveals. We contribute to the stream of literature that explores the nature of culture by examining it as both a sub-national as well as a supra-national phenomenon. Further, our second contribution is to introduce the concept of “global cities” as an important perspective in the analysis of cultural differences in the global economy. We test our ideas on a sample of 12,935 individuals across eleven countries and our findings provide support for both a supra-national as well as a subnational perspective on cultural differences. Moreover, our results confirm that global cities are an important element of a more nuanced view of national and global cultures.

Speaker Bio:

Professor Goerzen areas of research interest relate to the behavior and performance of multinational corporations with a particular focus on location strategy and cooperative strategies (e.g., joint ventures, alliances, and networks). His research has been published in leading journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Perspectives, among others. He has also been an active writer of teaching case studies, several of which have been among Ivey Publishing’s Top 10 Best Sellers. Prior to academia, Anthony Goerzen spent 15 years in management positions in small and multinational firms.

If you wish to meet the speaker in person in the morning prior to the seminar, please contact Professor Nachum at and specify your time preferences.

We hope to have as many of you attending the seminar and look forward to a stimulating engagement.


Lilac Nachum

Professor, International Business


Interested to learn more about our series? Please enroll on our Blackboard site:

We encourage faculty with interest in our series to visit out dedicated area on Blackboard and enroll themselves to cite. This provides full access to past and future seminars’ material and to e-mail updates about forthcoming seminars.

  1. If you are interested login in to Blackboard, and go through the following steps:
  2. Scroll down in the box on the left side of the screen (under CUNYfirstMyInfo)
  3. Under ‘organization search’ type ‘international business’ and click go
  4. The IB seminar series appears as ‘Weissman Center international business research program’.
  5. Point your mouth at the Organization ID and you will get an arrow on the right side of the ID.
  6. Click on the arrow and click on enroll
  7. Click submit
  8. Click OK

You need to follow this process only once. Once you are enrolled, you will find a link to the ‘Weissman Center international business research program’ under ‘my organization’.


Lilac Nachum

Professor, International Business

Executive Educator/Consultant