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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

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The Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics for 2017

The Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics are funded by a generous gift from alumnus Charles R. Dreifus (’66, MBA ’73) in honor of the late Abraham J. Briloff, Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Professor of Accountancy Emeritus. The emphasis of the Briloff prizes is ethics in professional life; to wit, ethics in the broadest sense. Recent writings on current ethical issues in a wide range of formats—such as books, articles, essays, op-ed pieces, and websites—were eligible for the prizes this year, as were pieces written or published for traditional scholarly settings.

The winners of this year's prizes are:

Florencio Portocarrero, a student Baruch's PhD Program in Business, won the $500 student prize for his paper entitled “Gratitude Spiral: A Theoretical Framework of Gratitude in Workplace Relationships.”

According to the members of the Briloff Prize Committee: "This paper merges psychological and philosophical literature about gratitude to propose a reciprocal gratitude relationship between benefactor and beneficiary that creates the positive social relationship among them."

Professor Scott Newbert, Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management and academic director of the Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship, won the $1,500 faculty prize for “Achieving Social and Economic Equality by Unifying Business and Ethics: Adam Smith as the Cause and Cure for the Separation Thesis.”

The members of the Briloff Prize Committee wrote that "this paper extends a criticism of the thesis, allegedly from Adam Smith, that businesses have no moral responsibility for the distribution of wealth resultant from their activities. It embeds Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations in the context of his The Theory of Moral Sentiments and argues in this context Smith never intended to excuse businesses from responsibility for the distribution of wealth. At the same time, it criticizes Smith for his failure to consider the distribution of wealth in his local context, ignoring the impact on the producers of that wealth, who were often slaves."


We are grateful to the members of the Briloff Prize Committee for their hard work:

Professor Douglas Lackey, Department of Philosophy

Professor Sankar Sen, Allen G. Aaronson Department of Marketing and International Business

Professor Daniel Williams, Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Committee Chair​



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