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Thursday, February 2, 2017


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

For an archive of announcements sent from the Associate Provost beginning June 2011, click here.


Dear Colleagues,


In response to questions from many members of our faculty, we thought we should circulate these clarifications to our previous memos on e-Permit, most recently on January 27.

These e-Permit rules have changed:

  • Before these changes: If a student had completed 64 credits and was enrolled at Baruch, s/he could not take classes for credit at a community college. After the changes now in effect: If a student has completed 64 credits and is enrolled at a four year college, s/he may take classes for credit at a CUNY community college. (The student continues not to be able to take classes for credit at a non-CUNY community college.)
  • Before these changes: No permits were allowed for specific courses, such as ENG 2100 or ENG 2150 or certain required courses for Accountancy or Finance. After the changes now in effect: Such blanket prohibitions have ceased: if a course has been deemed to be equivalent using strictly academic criteria, and is so listed in CUNYfirst “Evaluate My Transfer Credit,” we will allow the student to take it for credit on the other campus.


These e-Permit rules have not changed:

  • At least 30 credits (31 for BBA students) must be earned at Baruch for a student to earn a Baruch degree.
  • At least 60% of the credits within a student’s major must be completed at Baruch. Note: This does not include program prerequisites and/or courses required for admission to a student’s school of choice.
  • The required capstone course for liberal arts minors (AKA the Pathways College Option) must be taken at Baruch.


Regarding Pathways and the e-Permit system:

  • Although we are required to accept the sending institution’s Pathways designation when a student transfers to Baruch, we are not so constrained with e-Permit: we may approve the student’s request to take the course at another college (having judged it as equivalent to one of ours using academic criteria) but we can count the course as fulfilling Baruch’s Pathways designation or simply as a liberal arts elective. (The thinking behind this is that if a student takes a Pathways course while not (yet) at Baruch, they do so in good faith, and it is recognized as filling the Pathways model for that campus. When they are here, they must follow Baruch’s implementation of Pathways, and that means that equivalent courses must fit our Pathways model.) It is, of course, our responsibility to let them know in advance of any change in the Pathways designation that we will make if they take the course. 



Dennis Slavin

Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President

Baruch College, CUNY

646-660-6504 (phone); 646-660-6531 (fax)