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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This email is being sent to all members of the Baruch College faculty.

For an archive of announcements sent from the Associate Provost beginning June 2011, click here.



From: David Christy, Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs

It is very important that students be reminded in each of their classes of Baruch College’s commitment to ensuring full access to all programs for all students, including those with disabilities.

Please convey this message early in the semester. This memo includes general information for faculty and a sample script that you may read aloud.  Additionally, we are providing a brief statement that you might wish to put on your syllabus or on your Blackboard site.
General Information for Faculty Members

Baruch College’s Student Disability Services (SDS) will meet with any student who has identified as having a disability to determine the need for accommodations or academic adjustments. These accommodations will not conflict with academic standards and are determined on a case by case basis. The student must provide documentation of the disability to Student Disability Services which will determine whether or not accommodation requests are appropriate and reasonable. A student who is registered for services should have a letter from SDS documenting their registration and listing accommodations. If the student informs you that s/he has a disability and is not registered please refer the student to Student Disability Services. If the professor or the department provides accommodations in the classroom, Student Disability Services is available to provide guidance. Please note that students who are pregnant are also entitled to reasonable accommodations:


Faculty who have questions about the reasonable accommodation process for students should consult with Patricia Clarke Fleming, Director for Disability Services. Call (646) 312-4590 or email

Any student who believes that s/he has been discriminated against based on a disability may file a complaint with

Proposed Script for Announcement in Class:

Baruch College has an office dedicated to serving Baruch Students with disabilities. If you identify as an individual with a disability, and you wish to request accommodations or academic adjustments in order to meet the academic requirements of this course, please visit Student Disability Services, Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-271, or call (646) 312-4590. Being registered with Student Disability Services is confidential, and is not recorded on your Baruch Academic Record.


Possible statement for Syllabus or Blackboard Site:
It is college policy to provide accommodations and academic adjustments for students with disabilities. Any student with a disability who may need accommodations in this class is requested to speak directly to Student Disability Services located in Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-271 as early in the semester as possible. All discussions will remain confidential.


For additional information: